How To Decorate Your Backyard For Holidays

How To Decorate Your Backyard For Holidays

The holiday season is a time of warmth, joy, and celebration. While we often focus on decorating the interiors of our homes, there's a wonderful opportunity to extend the festive ambiance to our outdoor spaces, especially the backyard. With the help of collectible ornaments from G. DeBrekht, your backyard can become a magical holiday wonderland. In this blog, we'll explore creative and detailed ways to transform your backyard into a holiday haven, complete with collectible snowmen and Christmas ornaments that add a touch of elegance and charm. Let's dive into the art of outdoor holiday decoration.

1. Illuminating Magic: Lighting the Way

The first step to creating a festive backyard is to set the mood with lighting. Twinkling fairy lights, lanterns, and luminous ornaments can add a warm and inviting atmosphere. Hang string lights on trees or drape them over outdoor furniture to create a magical glow. G. DeBrekht's collectible glass ornaments, with their delicate hand-blown craftsmanship, can be enhanced with subtle lighting, casting enchanting shadows and reflections throughout your backyard.

2. Tree of Enchantment: Decorating Your Garden Trees

If you have trees in your backyard, consider them as natural holiday decor elements. Hang collectible glass ornaments from the branches to create a charming Christmas tree effect. The interplay of transparent and opaque paint on G. DeBrekht's ornaments captures the essence of sunlight and moonlight, enhancing the beauty of your garden.

3. Tablescapes of Elegance: Outdoor Dining with a Festive Flair

For those who enjoy dining al fresco, your outdoor dining area can become a holiday feast for the eyes as well. Adorn your outdoor table with G. DeBrekht's wooden keepsake ornaments that resonate with various themes, from Americana to wildlife. These handcrafted pieces add an extra layer of charm to your outdoor festivities.

4. Pathways of Wonder: Create a Festive Walkway

Guide your guests through your holiday wonderland by decorating pathways with collectible ornaments. Line walkways with small potted plants adorned with G. DeBrekht's ornaments. These ornaments come in a variety of themes, so you can create a cohesive and delightful journey for your guests.

5. Centerpiece Delights: Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit

If your backyard includes a fireplace or fire pit, make it a centerpiece of your holiday decor. Hang collectible glass ornaments from the mantle or arrange them on the edges. The radiant, ethereal glow of these ornaments adds a touch of magic to the warm and cozy atmosphere.

6. Thematic Displays: Showcasing Collectible Ornaments

Consider creating thematic displays in your backyard. For example, if you have a collection of G. DeBrekht's Santa Claus glass ornaments, arrange them in a dedicated corner. Thematic displays not only add visual interest but also showcase the uniqueness of each collectible ornament.

 An outdoor Christmas decoration


Your Backyard Wonderland Awaits

With a touch of creativity and the help of G. DeBrekht's collectible ornaments, your backyard can be transformed into a magical holiday wonderland. From lighting that sets the mood to thematic displays that showcase the artistry of each piece, every detail contributes to the enchantment of your outdoor space. This holiday season, extend your celebrations beyond the indoors and create lasting memories in your festive backyard wonderland.

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