...Welcome to the World of G. DeBrekht Collectibles

and Designocracy USA! 

Remarkable holiday creator's artistic studio with the beautiful Hand-Crafted Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Coastal and Wildlife Decor. More than 4000 holidays decoration for home, garden, and Christmas tree created by talented artists and craftsmen at this home for artistic inspirations. 

What began as a personal hobby, in the beginning, became the foundation of one of the most remarkable studios in the world. 

Starting over three decades ago, G. DeBrekht has developed a distinct style of our very own and established a recognizable brand of G. DeBrekht, who first introduced a combination of distinctive wood hand-carving and multi-layer decorative painting. You will find magnificent ornaments, Santa’s and other pieces majestically painted with unforgettable scenic paintings, illustrations, unlike anything you will find in the marketplace. It's everything you expect from G. DeBrekht products - and more: a beautiful Santa, Illustrated Ornaments, Illustrated Scenic Holiday Splendor Glass Ornaments, Iconic Collection, wood-carved Signature Masterpieces Santa … and so much more! 

Each piece will have spent countless hours in the hands of our talented artists. Beautiful decorative art – each brushstroke and line is lovingly created by gifted artists and visible with remarkable details; the layers of transparent painting and thousands of delicate strokes are meticulously applied to add motion and dimension. 

    • DeBrekht Studios has remained committed to Old World craftsmanship, resisting the trend to automate the production process, yet continues to be the most innovative in design and creation. Quality continues to be our top priority, and collectible value support and preserves Folk Art for future generations. Each piece is gift-boxed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying that your edition is an Authentic creation from G. DeBrekht Artistic Studios. There is only ONE G. DeBrekht! 


      Starting from the award-winning G. DeBrekht Artistic Studio, which successfully creates uncompromising quality Fine Gifts and Collectibles, the Designocracy USA was born, making Gifts, Souvenirs, and Custom products and bringing creative excellence to customers and retailers.

      • Designed to reflect the Old-Classic Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Americana, and many other Holidays Collections and Specific Region of the Country, the initial series is the beautiful, sometimes whimsical, Coastal and Nature Collections. Charming wooden festive, sea-life or wildlife Door Hangers, Freestanding Lawn and Garden Wooden Decor, Over the Door Decor, Ornaments, Wall hanging Decor, Tabletop shapes, coasters, magnets, key-chains, and much more. What sets our collection apart is most pieces can be personalized exclusively for your store, in large or small quantities that enable you to take advantage of this unique opportunity. We bring a highly personal new collection specially created for the retailer looking for an Exclusive Giftware, Custom, or Name Drop product. 

      The new artistic concept created by Designocracy USA and world-famous artists André DeBrekht, Susan Winget, Dona Gelsinger, Josephine Wall, Laura Seeley, Jody Bergsma, and more will bring the perfect decorative and unique touch for your holiday's home.