How To Decorate A Unique Themed Christmas Tree By Combining Keepsake And Collectible Ornaments From G. DeBrekht

a collectable Christmas tree

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to capture the spirit of Christmas than by decorating a tree that stands out? With G. DeBrekht's splendid collections, you can create a unique themed Christmas tree that will be the envy of all who see it.

Here's how:

Start with a vision

Before diving into the world of G. DeBrekht's offerings, decide on a theme or mood you want to create. Having a vision will guide your selection process, whether it's a winter wonderland, a vintage Christmas, or a fairy-tale escapade.

 a travelling Santa

Mix glass and wooden ornaments

  1. DeBrekht boasts an exquisite range of both glass and wooden ornaments. Glass ornaments can add sparkle and light to your tree, reflecting twinkling lights for added drama. Wooden ornaments, on the other hand, give a rustic and traditional feel. By combining both, you achieve a balance of shine and earthiness that's simply enchanting.

Incorporate woodcarvings

These are not just mere decorations; they're pieces of art. Scattered amongst other ornaments, they'll give depth and dimension to your tree. Their unique carvings, combined with hand-painted scenic illustrations, make them stand out. Position them at eye level or in places where they can be easily appreciated.

Play with size and placement

Not all ornaments are created equal, and that's the beauty of it. Having a variety of sizes allows for visual interest. Hang larger pieces towards the base of the tree where they can be easily seen, and scatter smaller pieces higher up to draw the eye upwards.

Add collectible figurines to the scene

Beyond the tree, the space around it can be adorned with G. DeBrekht's collectible figurines. This creates a cohesive themed environment. Maybe Santa's workshop is unfolding at the base of your tree, or perhaps a snowy village scene is taking shape. Let your imagination run wild!

Think outside the box

Remember, there's no strict rule to Christmas tree decoration. Want to use ribbons or fairy lights? Go for it! Maybe you'd like to add non-traditional colors matching your home's decor. With G. DeBrekht's diverse collection, something can always fit your unique style.

Finishing touches

After placing all the ornaments and figurines, take a step back. Are there any gaps? Does the tree feel balanced? Adjust as needed. Also, consider adding a special tree topper and a complementary tree skirt to complete the look.

Decorating a unique-themed Christmas tree is more than just hanging ornaments; it's about storytelling. Through G. DeBrekht’s majestically hand-painted collections, you have the tools to tell your own festive story, making this Christmas truly unforgettable. Dive into their world of artistry and let the magic unfold. Happy decorating!

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