Welcome to the World of G. DeBrekht and Designocracy USA

DeBrekht is an artistic studio which does remarkable hand-crafted Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Coastal and Wildlife decor. Our collections are created by talented artists and craftsmen and offer more than 4000 holiday designs for your home and garden.

The legacy of G.DeBrekht began as a personal hobby. More than three decades ago this “hobby” set the foundation of one of the most remarkable studios in the world today. G. DeBrekht developed a distinctive style- a combination of hand-carved wood and multi-layer decorative painting.

In G.DeBrekht’s magnificent collections you will find a variety of beautiful glass and wooden ornaments, woodcarvings, an array of collectible figurines and more. All our products are majestically hand pained with unforgettable scenic illustrations- unlike anything else that you would find on the market today.

DeBrekht Studio is committed to the old-world craftsmanship, and it is resisting the trend to automate the production process. Each piece has spent countless of hours in the hands of our talented artists. Each brushstroke is meticulously done, with love and passion, to add depth and dimension. It takes thousands of delicate strokes, layers of transparent painting and devotion to perfect every piece.

At G.DeBrekht our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of our work. The unique designs and skilled craftsmanship add a collectible value to our products and preserve the folk art for future generations. Each limited edition collectible item is carefully inspected and displayed in a crafted gift box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for a piece of mind.

G.DeBrekht is an artistic studio which constantly evolves, innovates and creates. As a result, a new branch of our company was created - Designocracy USA. Specializing in the creation of fine gifts, souvenirs, and personalized items, this branch concentrates in bringing our creative work to retailers and resellers. Some of the designs done by world-famous artists: André DeBrekht, Susan Winget, Dona Gelsinger, Josephine Wall, Laura Seeley, Jody Bergsma includes: Christmas Collection, Halloween Collection, Easter Collection, Americana Collection, Coastal Collection, Nature Collection and more. All collections contain a vast variety of wall Hanging décor, coasters, magnets, keychains etc. Every item can be personalized, which presents an excellent opportunity for small retailers to offer exclusive and unique gifts.