4 Ways To Decorate Your Front And Porch Door For Holidays

holiday door décor

The festive season is upon us, and it's the perfect time to spruce up your front door and porch to welcome guests with warmth and cheer.

While there are countless ways to embellish your entrance, we’ll delve into the artistic brilliance of G. DeBrekht’s collections to inspire your porch door holiday décor:

1. Embrace the magic of glass and wooden ornaments

When it comes to sophisticated decorations, G. DeBrekht is a name you can trust. Their range offers beautiful glass and wooden ornaments, each exquisitely hand-painted with unforgettable scenic illustrations. These ornaments aren't just festive; they're pieces of art that are bound to become family heirlooms.

 a holiday door décor

2. Elevate with hand-carved woodcarvings and figurines

  1. DeBrekht has a unique style that combines the rustic charm of hand-carved wood with the beauty of multi-layer decorative painting. Displaying their woodcarvings and collectible figurines on your front porch or by your door will surely add elegance and holiday spirit.

3. Dive into thematic collections

The extensive range by G. DeBrekht, designed by world-renowned artists like André DeBrekht, Susan Winget, and more, covers diverse themes like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and even the Coastal Collection. Whether you love Halloween's haunting allure or the Americana Collection's patriotic vibes, there's something for everyone.

  • Wall hanging décor:Elevate your front door aesthetics with wall hangings from their thematic collections.
  • Coasters, magnets, and keychains:While these might not be the first items that come to mind for door and porch decoration, think outside the box. Customizable magnets can adhere to metal front doors, and keychains can be turned into wind chimes.

4. Personalization is key

Every item from G. DeBrekht’s collection can be personalized. This flexibility presents a fantastic opportunity, especially for small retailers. It means you can customize your festive decorations to resonate with your style, ensuring your front door and porch stand out in the neighborhood.

Decorating for the holidays is not just about tradition; it's about expressing yourself and sharing joy with all who pass by your door. By integrating G. DeBrekht's masterpieces into your décor, you’re sure to have a front door and porch that radiates festive charm and artistic elegance. Happy decorating!

Browse G. DeBrekht’s collection of holiday door decorations

At G. DeBrekht, each collection offers an array of wall décor, coasters, magnets, and keychains. With customization options available, small retailers have a golden chance to provide distinct and special gifts.

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